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Practice Areas

Criminal Law

Advice during investigation, bail applications, trials, sentencings, spent conviction applications, appeals

We understand that being investigated or charged with a criminal offence can be one of the most difficult and challenging experiences of a person's life.

We provide assistance through all stages of the criminal process, ensuring that our clients understand their legal rights and have the best opportunity to defend their case. We negotiate charges with the police, who often charge more serious offences where lesser offences are more appropriate to the involved conduct. 

Our lawyers regularly appear in the Magistrates Court, District Court, Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal of Western Australia on all criminal matters, including:

  • Drug offences (possession, drug dealing, importation)

  • Property offences (criminal damage, trespass, burglary)

  • Violent offences (assaults, grievous bodily harm, robbery)

  • Sex offences (sexual penetration without consent, indecent assault, indecent dealing)

  • Dishonesty offences (stealing, fraud, possess stolen property)

  • Homicides (murder, manslaughter)

We represent clients on applications for spent convictions, so that any conviction would not show up on a police clearance required that may be requested by current or future employers. We assist clients to obtain the materials that are often required to demonstrate that they meet the strict criteria to obtain a spent conviction. 

We run matters in-house with one of our experienced defence lawyers, and also brief barristers from the independent bar based on our client's wishes. We have established working relationships with the following preferred barristers:

  • David Edwardson KC (Bar Chambers)

  • Mark Trowell KC (Albert Wolff Chambers)

  • Frank Merenda (Francis Burt Chambers)

  • Roman Kan (Albert Wolff Chambers)

  • Alex Mossop (Francis Burt Chambers)

  • Rishi Kashyap (Equus Chambers)

  • David Robinson (Albert Wolff Chambers)

  • Kaminni Kumar (Equus Chambers)

Restraining Orders

Applications, responding to applications, negotiations, final order hearings (trials)

We act for applicants and respondents in restraining order matters, including family violence restraining orders, violence restraining orders and misconduct restraining orders. 

We advise applicants about the process involved in applying for restraining orders, assist in preparing the application and affidavit, and represent applicants at ex-parte hearings for an interim order and final order hearings for a final order. 

We also assist respondents who have been served with an interim family violence restraining order or violence restraining order, or who have been served with a summons in relation to a misconduct restraining order application. 

Many restraining order matters are resolved without the need for a final order hearing by negotiation with the other party or their legal representative. We assist our clients to explore the possibility of achieving their desired outcome by negotiation without requiring a contested final order hearing. 

We are regularly referred restraining order matters from other family law firms and work in collaboration with them to achieve the best result for our mutual client. We have established working relationships with the following preferred family law firms:

  • Tolcon Legal (Perth)

  • Meillon and Bright (Fremantle)

  • Baily Family Law (Perth)

Traffic law

Trials, sentencings, applications for spent convictions


Applications for extraordinary driver's licence

Applications for removal of lifetime driver's licence disqualifications

The legislation and regulatory framework governing traffic law in Western Australia is far more complex than most people would appreciate. 

We provide advice and representation to clients that are being investigated or have been charged with traffic offences or who have been issued with demerit points or demerit point disqualifications. 

The penalties commonly imposed for traffic related offences such as drink driving have been getting harsher. It is essential to know the potential outcomes before deciding what to do. We assist clients to obtain the minimum penalties (including disqualification periods) so as to reduce the impact of the conviction and time off the road. 

We also help clients to apply for an extraordinary driver's licence in circumstances where a court ordered disqualification period impacts on the client's ability to be able to continue to work. 

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